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In April of 2008, students from Mars Hill Graduate School, Northwest University, Seattle Pacific University, and the University of Washington met together to talk about fighting human trafficking in Seattle.  Each of us had been involved in activism on our separate campuses, but as our networks grew we began to imagine what might happen if we collaborated, connecting our spheres of influence and our contacts with various organizations so that we could work together towards a slave-free Seattle.  A coalition was formed, and our mission was clear: to move our work beyond our universities and onto the streets of Seattle, to break every individual free from excuses of ignorance or inability and to empower them to fight against human trafficking.  

Our vision for the UNBOUND conference was born out of our passion to connect the global images of slavery, which remain far removed from the daily lives of most people, with the reality of what is happening locally. We seek to encourage people from all walks of life to contribute their individual skills, whatever they might be, to end slavery.  We realize that human trafficking is a multi-faceted issue, and are therefore convinced of the importance of developing an approach to this fight that acknowledges economic, political, and psychological factors.  The UNBOUND vision is guided by the belief that working with community-based organizations, government agencies, educational institutions, and ministries offers a comprehensive response to modern day slavery which draws on varying skill sets and enables individuals to effect change.  In addition to raising awareness, providing education, and empowering people to fight, UNBOUND provides an opportunity to connect people with and raise money for organizations working locally to provide services to victims of human trafficking.

We are incredibly grateful for the support we have been given; we have been mentored and coached by practitioners and invited to participate in discussions which are shaping a collective response to the issue of human trafficking in Seattle.  Although when we began we had little idea of what it would take to host this conference, individuals and organizations have entrusted us with their resources.  We have been encouraged as we encounter in the citizens of Seattle a commitment to seek justice and offer compassion that is beyond what we imagined.  Perhaps the most significant part of this experience is the hope we find growing inside of us; we believe that the abolition of human trafficking is not only possible, but it is beginning to happen. 

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